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Choosing the right size and style of hard armor is an important decision. Most types of body armor come in two main parts: a containing system and plates. The sizing of these pieces should match that of the helmet, but there are some exceptions. If you plan on wearing the armor in an extreme environment, be aware that the armor should touch your sternal notch. Some styles may be more comfortable than others, depending on your situation.

The main difference between soft and hard body armor lies in the material used for the protective layer. Soft body armor is padded to reduce the weight and improve comfort, while hard armor is made of steel or polyethylene. Aside from its weight, hard body armour also provides extra protection options. If you’re planning to wear a protective vest, make sure it has additional padding and is made from lightweight material. If you are considering hard armor, be aware of the different materials it is made of.

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There are a few different types of hard armor. Soft body armor is typically worn by police officers. These types of armor are made from soft materials and contain protective inserts that are sealed against the elements. The inserts may extend down the sides or torso. While the material used in these vests may be flexible and not impervious to the elements, it is still necessary to choose the right type. These vests are made of different materials to accommodate different sizes.