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A TACTOP plate carrier is a popular choice among law enforcement, special forces, and other professionals. It is easy to use and combines functionality, weight, and ease of use. The TACTOP Plate Carrier is available in rifle and pistol versions. It is a versatile carrier that can hold up to seven M.O.L.L. plates. The straps are fully adjustable to accommodate different weights. This carrier is ideal for those in uniform, as it provides a secure grip on a plate, while allowing the user to maintain the same position.

While hard armor and soft armor are standard gear for military, hunters, and other professionals, a TACTOP Plate Carrier is an innovative solution for everyday use. It is a lightweight, armor-plated vest that protects the user’s vital organs from high pressure, temperature, and other hazards. Because it has four adjustable straps, it can be attached to a belt or pouch easily. It provides the same protection as a traditional hard armor vest, while allowing the user to wear their TactOP Plate Carrier over a shirt or tank.

In addition to comfort, a Tactical Plate Carrier should be easy to store. Many models are designed with a back-opening design. Some have a removable cover to keep the plate secure and protected when not in use. Some have an interior compartment for other equipment or accessories, such as batteries, so the plates will not be lost. If a Tactical Plate Carrier is too bulky for your specific use, you may want to choose another model.

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